Work with me

My name is Molly and I am a Partners in Policymaking trained disability advocate. I have experience working to pass pro-disability legislation in Minnesota and a member of several boards focused on special education and neurodiversity. I am also an artist and have two kids: an academically gifted 15 year old daughter who loves to perform on stage as a singer and actor, and a 12 year old son with non-speaking autism who is a gifted swimmer and budding DJ. 

 Do you need help with an event or project related to disability or autism? I am an effective and dynamic consultant with a wide network who has worked on countless public and private projects.  I'd love to help you create more inclusize experiences and spaces.


I am passionate about true inclusion. I believe in the dignity of risk and that schools should not resemble prisons  for  children  receiving  special  education.  

I  am  actively  advocating  for  the  following  legislation:

H.R.  7124:  Keeping  All  Students  Safe  Act