By us, For us

Minnclusion is a consulting group started by Partners in Policymaking trained developmental disability advocate Molly Hoffard. Molly is a mother of two children. Her son is autistic, non-verbal, and “devastatingly handsome”. She is most passionate about finding opportunities for non-verbal individuals to communicate and participate in the world outside of home as much as they’d like to.

We provide real world, real life input from the perspectives of those who are actually autistic or neurodiverse, actually living with a developmental disability, and actually caring for children with autism or other developmental disabilities. We aren’t doctors or therapists, we are real people with real voices. Is your business hoping to cater to the population that has sensory needs? We can help you. Are you designing a park for children with autism? We can tell you exactly what’s needed. Did you create a specialty product for kids with motor planning difficulties? Let us test it and tell you what we think. A large expensive research firm or a team of medical professionals can’t tell you what it’s like to actually fill our shoes.

Molly Hoffard

Sarah St. Louis

Sarah St. Louis is a residential and commercial architecture professional who is passionate about creating fully inclusive spaces so that all persons are able to participate in their communities and have freedom within their homes. She is also a Partners in Policymaking trained advocate, and a Volunteer Support Parent with Family Voices of Minnesota. She is a speaker for seminars and events focusing on disability, inclusion, and ability awareness. She is the mother of two boys: one is gifted and experiences severe depression and anxiety and the other has physical, cognitive and intellectual disabilities as well as a seizure disorder resulting from a traumatic brain injury.


We are passionate about true inclusion. We believe in the dignity of risk. We believe that every life has a purpose. We believe in fair wages for all workers, regardless of disability status. We believe in places and spaces that are designed for people of all needs. We believe that schools should not resemble prisons for children receiving special education.

We are actively advocating for the following legislation:

H.R. 7124: Keeping All Students Safe Act

S.F. 3105: The initiative to build adult sized changing tables in public restrooms.